High Opinions. Delivered.


If there is one thing I have known about myself and I’m particular proud of, is the fact that I often tend to have an opinion about anything and everything around me. And I rarely try to change them just because others don’t agree with them. Not that I’m really rigid or opinionated by nature. But, more often than not I tend to stick to my opinions and I like to be really vocal about them. And even far more often, my opinions tend to differ from those around me. And, when that happens, I start getting the need to make them understand why I stand by this opinion and why it is good enough for me. I wish them to be accepting of my opinions. I don’t know why I feel the need for acceptance. Why cannot I just have an opinion and be happy about it. Rather than trying to get others to be okay with it.

And these opinions do cover a wide range of topics. Like the movies I liked or did not like. And especially when it comes to movies, my opinions always tend to differ from others. The movies they consider ‘mind-blowing’ often get a ‘duh’ reaction out of me. The movies they consider ‘a waste of time & money’ seem pretty ‘insightful’ to me. And these differences of opinions about motion-pictures are not limited to movies alone. The same applies to television. Just to give a couple of instances, many people (those who have been on that awesome electrifying ride called ‘Breaking Bad’) really hate Skylar White and consider her a bitch and I really don’t understand why. All she was doing the whole time was trying to protect her children from that devil, her husband, who could stoop to any levels to nourish his selfish interests. He was a monster and yet she did everything she could to be all supportive. She shouldn’t be on a receiving end of so much hatred. And similarly the HIMYM finale which received so much of criticism; I considered it to be a really sensible ending which was true to the story they have been telling for past nine years. It wasn’t a happy ending, I agree, but stories in real world seldom have a picture-perfect fairytale ending, right?

And again, I have my own set of opinions when it comes to the field of technology. Like, some 7-8 month back I switched to Windows Phone and I fell in love with it. Not that I hate Android. It is undoubtedly the best smart-phone OS around. But I was looking for a change and wanted to try something new and Windows Phone did not disappoint me. It is really awesome, has a lot of cool features, and I’m really happy with it. And in fact many who write it off do not know a thing about it. And again they try to stereotype those who are fond of Windows Phone. Just because I really love my Lumia, does not mean I liked Nokia X as well. It is a stupid phone. Rather go for a mainstream android than this dumb forked version. And another stupid thing I hear a lot is that just because Nokia released an Android, it means they are getting sick of Windows Phone. And I’m like, are you kidding me? The makers of Windows Phone own Nokia now. That does not even make sense. And further more even Samsung, HTC have their own Windows Phones. Ring any bells?

And it is not like I tend to be really hard and fast about my opinions. My opinions are flexible enough to change overtime. Like, there was a time when I was really fond of Samsung phones and I considered them to be the best Android bargains available in the market. Well, markets change with time and so have my opinions. Now I consider Samsung to be over-expensive crap stuffed with stupid features and useless specs just to lure all those poor ignorant fellows who believe in the ideology ‘the more the better’. Micromax and HTC on the other hand have got really good deals out there in the market. Similarly, Apple never tries to tempt their consumers by flooding their phones with senseless features. (The brand ‘Apple’ is enough to seduce them. LOL.) And moving away from the world of technology, and in to further proving the point than I’m pretty flexible with my opinions. Like once upon a time I was really fond of one Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and was really impressed by his political ideologies. I have had long debates on Facebook in support of his ideologies, and even now I’m very much supportive of them. But over the period of time I have gotten really sick of this Kejriwal fellow and all his dramebaazi. And also here in India people have this preconceived notion that if I support the ideologies of a certain political party that means I hate the others. Just because I’m fond of AAP does not mean I hate Mr. Modi. I am pretty sure he will make a great PM and show India the good days it has been waiting for. But again I do feel India can do a lot better than him (No offence intended.) In fact the need to write ‘No Offence’ itself clarifies why India can do a lot better than BJP (If you know what I mean.) Don’t be blind followers. Be smart enough to see good and bad in everything you endorse.

And I can go on rambling about all these opinions I have got and why I feel the way I do. I don’t necessarily wish to get you onboard with my opinions, just want you to be respectful of them. But why shouldn’t I be like, say, ‘I don’t believe in the existence of God’ and that’s it. End of topic. I am at liberty of having my opinions. If you agree, good. If you don’t, don’t judge me by my opinions. Just consider it to be another perspective to look at things. It’s good to have an opinion of our own. Nothing’s wrong with it. Problems tend to start when the opinion turns out to be a minority opinion.

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