the year that was..

2nd January ’13, was my day one at Accenture. And now that it’s been a year, I must say, it has been an amazing journey so far. What did it have in store for me? Well, a lot of things; new experiences, new people, new challenges, new insights, in fact a whole new perspective about life. 2013 was indeed awesome. It was the beginning of a whole new life in itself. The corporate life. All these years I have been a student, life was fun. And now that I have started working, I thought, the things will get all serious. But no, I was wrong; work life is fun too. Though we should not compare it with the times we spent in college. But yes, this one year at Accenture has indeed been amazing. I made a lot of new friends. Met so many new people. And it has been a great experience overall. Not only the fun times I had during our training days; but also the time spent working on projects, it was all new and exciting. New things fascinate me. And I had a plenty of those throughout the year. And also there’s that seriousness and sense of responsibility one feels about how one wants to shape his career and eventually his life. When in college, we don’t really care much about how our life would shape up a few years down the lane. We don’t plan our lives. Life’s just a journey, and we are busy enjoying every bit of it, not being much concerned about the future. But as we start working, we do start taking our life a little bit more seriously. We start planning for our future. Everyone does. One gets a better idea about what he wants to do with his life. What he wants to do with his career.  This “getting all independent and being responsible for our own life” feeling is both exciting and also a bit intimidating. But, I love it. And not to forget the perks of having started working; getting your bank accounts credited every month end. Though, after the initial few months one kinda gets used to it. But that feeling after getting the first salary, it’s amazing. All those gifts you buy for your family. It really feels so good. It’s indeed an awesome feeling to have started earning. And well, it’s just a beginning. And I sincerely hope, in years to come, my career and my life shapes up the way I wish it to be.

P. S. Happy New Year, 2014! 🙂

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