Solitude is Bliss

Have you ever wanted to just be alone! Far away from all the daily worries and anxieties you have been carrying just because you cannot do away with them. Away from all the relationships and friendships you have been maintaining just because social protocol dictates that you make friends and build relationships. Away from all the hassles of a busy urban life. Far away, secluded, in your own little world. Once in a while, it does feel good to spend some quality time all alone. Being alone has its own pleasures. We can have a nice conversation with our inner self.  And I believe this is the best conversation one can ever have. Cause, you are the one who understands you the best. Cause, you can be totally open about your feelings. Cause, you cannot lie about your feelings to yourself. You can look on to your life from your own perspective, totally uninfluenced by any external worldly woes.  In these fast-paced times, we rarely get an opportunity to really think about of our own life. We are always surrounded by people. We are always occupied with so many things. There’s no time we are left with for ourselves. So, we need to force ourselves to get away from all these distractions. It is not always that easy though.  However we need to make some time available, exclusively reserved, for just being on our own, all alone. We should experience the joy of solitude. It is serene. It is divine. I’m not asking to be totally cut off from the rest of the world for days. But spending just an hour every day or a day every week all alone isn’t a very bad idea. May be you can visit some river bank or a hillside outside your city and try to get closer to the nature. Or you can just stand in your balcony, put on some good music on to your ears, sip a cup of tea may be. Try and isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Try and connect with the inner you. Try to listen to your inner voice. Listen to what it says. Your life is controlled by all the elements around you. Your inner soul knows what you really want out of your life. Try and listen to what it says. You’ll get the answers to a lot of questions that were left unanswered. Keep listening. You’ll learn the true meaning out of your life. Keep listening. Keep on listening. You’ll be in the company of your own. It’ll be quiet. It’ll be peaceful. It’ll be blissful. Like they say, no company is as companionable as solitude. But beware. Don’t keep on being into yourself all the time that you totally forget about the world outside. Don’t keep on being isolated in your own world to the point where the real world outside gets all alienated to you.  Remember, there’s a very fine line between the joy of solitude and the pain of loneliness. Don’t cross that line. The life on the other side of the line is as excruciating as the life on this side is comforting. Do relish the pleasures of solitude, but know where to stop.

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