The Pain

Something’s hurting me deep in there

Nobody’s to bother and nobody cares

Waiting n’ waiting but all in vain

Trying hard but just cannot get over this pain.

Left in remembrances of good old times

When everything was good and everything was fine

But now everything’s changed nothings the same

My soul is in agony, my heart has become lame.

And I keep wondering why I even dreamt of it

Even though I knew it was never meant for me

It made no good just left me in tears

And filled my present and future with fears.

No one seems to be close, no one is dear

Everyone’s gone far away, no one’s near

But still there’s hope, my life’s going to change

Good times are in sight; soon there’ll be happy days.

My eyes closed I’ve again started dreaming

Still waiting for it, but am I waiting for nothing?!

3 thoughts on “The Pain

  1. I have never really been able to write poetry. Most of the things I write about are the things happening around me, things I have experienced, or a few things I feel like expressing my views on. But expressing my thoughts through poetry is something I don’t think I can be very good at. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t ever given it a try. I had penned down this little piece called ‘The Pain’ while I was in college. Why did I write it back then, is a thing of the past. But, even today I feel like, the lines I had penned down some couple of years back are still so relevant to my present life too! Couldn’t resist the urge to share it!

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