Being 23!

It was 24th of Sept. The day I was born, 23 years ago. And as the clock struck 12, began the annual ritual called the birthday! I cut the cake my roomies brought for me. They applied some on my face. I thanked them for the delicious cake. I got a few calls from few of my friends to wish me happy birthday. I got pings from a few on whatsapp; and the few others posted the greetings on my Facebook. It does feel good. It feels special. Birthdays are really awesome. Well, because, it is the day when a lot of people who otherwise won’t really bother to get in touch, do reach out to you, to wish you. On any ordinary day you are just another employee in the office, but on your birthday it feels nice when your colleagues walk to your desk to greet you; (and of course, to have the chocolates you got for them.) It’s like you are the center of all the attention. And it feels good. I felt good. Everyone does.

But then comes 25th of Sept. And the phone which was buzzing so much the day earlier, goes all silent. And there are no more pings, no more calls, and no more Facebook notifications. You are again just another employee, just another friend, just another dot among the billion others. The life goes back to being all normal, the way it was the day before your birthday. And that makes me wonder, all the attention been bestowed the day earlier, was it just a formality? Or did it mean something? Does it always have to be a birthday for someone to remember somebody else? Why can’t people take out some time, otherwise, to call somebody up and may be have a word or two; get to know, how he/she is doing. Why does it always have to be a birthday?

May be it is not the same for others. May be it is the way it is just for me. May be they all feel like getting in touch with me only on my birthday. May be they are too busy at other times or maybe they are least interested to know what’s going on with my life. May be I am wrong and I am just being in captivity of this negativity. I don’t know! What I do know is that life goes on. It’s useless to keep on thinking about why others don’t really care about you or your life. You just can’t spend your life wishing for others to take your existence seriously. By doing this you are underestimating the importance of your own life. Stop complaining. Enjoy the life you have and cherish the few people you have in your life who truly care about you, more than you do; your family. And as time goes, you’ll surely meet that one person who would appreciate you the way you are, and not just take it for granted; that special someone who would love to be a part of your life. Till then, remember, life is precious, better be thankful for the way it is.  After all, you only live once!

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