a new beginning

It’s been quite a while since the last time I posted something in here. To be fairly accurate it’s been exactly 10 months and 11 days. A lot of things have changed since then. Well, I have started working. I have started living that typical home-to-office-to-back-home-waiting-for-the-weekends routine kind of life. Yes, I love my work. I love what I do. Though this life is a lot different from what it was back then. Back then, I was a guy just out of college, waiting for my joining, having lots of free time, and enjoying a well-deserved vacation after surviving four years of engineering. That was when I started blogging. What was that one thing that motivated me to start blogging? I don’t know. May be it was just a medium to express myself to the world; a medium to present my thoughts. That’s the same reason why I started tweeting a few years ago; to make a way out for the things inside me. I rarely express my feelings to the people I know; the thought of they being least interested, holds me back. There are a lot of things I would like to say which I cannot. I would surely say those things to someone, one day. But for the rest of the things, I blog, I tweet. I least care if anyone reads them or not. I just say what I want to say.


This thought takes me back to the time I realized that I love writing. Before the realization happened, I used to be confused about what’s that one thing I like to do. I was not much of a reader, not much into sports either, nor a movie-buff neither a person having a lot of fondness for music. Then during one of those boring lectures of S.E. Computers I penned down an article for our college magazine. It was called ‘The day in the life of an Engineering Student’. It wasn’t hard. All I needed to do is to translate my day into words. So, I wrote it down. I submitted it. And everybody liked it. They liked the way I presented my thoughts. May be it was because they could relate themselves with what I wrote. May be it was because I did do a good work at it. Whatever it was, the thing I gained from it was the realization, about my fondness for writing.

This fondness for writing was more of a fondness for expressing; the fondness for bringing out my views. However, not always are people able to digest those views. A view can be as insignificant as, say, a view about a movie you thought was not good enough. It can lead to people hating you for that view of yours. So, I expressing my views have not always gone down good with my friends. But this also reminds me of a piece I wrote in those last few days of college. It was called ‘FRIENDS’. And like the name suggests, it was about all those friends with whom I shared my years in engineering. It was a goodbye gesture from my side, and they all liked it. So there been a few sour moments among most of the happy moments, but at the end I was glad I was able to make them feel good. At least I thought so.

The same fondness for expressing gave birth to ‘Lonely Thoughts’. And few of my friends appreciating what I wrote, inspired me to write more. Though I know am not very good at it. Once, I was going through a blog of one of my colleagues, and his writing made me feel so inferior. May be it was this inferiority complex that resulted into me not blogging for over 10 months. However, that urge to express has not gone away. And it is the same urge that brought me back here. And it is the same urge that made me start blogging again. And I hope I continue expressing myself in days to come. And I wish those who read what I write, do like it. Well, this is just a new beginning!

2 thoughts on “a new beginning

  1. I like your writing and about that opinion of a movie no one hated you for your view, that’s just a misunderstanding from your part, everyone wanted to have fun by teasing you. People tease those who gets angry and you were that guy not anymore. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Rohit! I’m glad you liked what you read. 🙂 And about the so called ‘misunderstandings’, it’s been a long time.. Back then, may be I did misunderstood, may be I did not, I don’t know! I don’t think much!

      Anyways, Thanks again for appreciating my writing! 🙂

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