I have been on twitter for almost 2-3 years now. It was a school friend of mine who forced me in to tweeting. Initially I was not much interested, but when I actually started using it, I started loving it. Earlier I used to tweet just occasionally, however for last few months have been using twitter pretty regularly. I have always maintained that, out of all the social networking sites out there, I love twitter the most. Many consider it just as a platform to follow their favorite celebrities. However I think twitter is much more than that. Twitter helps us to find out “What’s on the mind” of the people, in the real sense. It’s a great source of information, be it on technology, politics, entertainment, whatever. Twitter is also a platform to get up-to-date news about the things going all around the world. You can know the views of others and you can share your own thoughts too. Unlike facebook, I never get bored on twitter. It’s fun to go through the topics trending across twitter, and to read what the tweeples have to say about it. You can get to know a general opinion of the people on any topic of your choice. Wanna know what the people think about the latest Big Bang episode, just search for #TBBT. Wanna know how people are going gaga over the latest iPhone, a simple hash tag #iPhone5 will do the work for you. Yes, Twitter is Awesome!

Twitter LogoIf I have to compare it with facebook, FB is more of a platform to stay connected with your friends and family. On the contrary twitter is a platform to share your life with others. Facebook is a place where you can stay in touch with the people you know. Twitter is a place where you can share your views, opinions, experiences, with the world. However, I don’t like twitter because I could share my life with others. They probably might not be even remotely interested to know what’s going on with my life. I have over 100 followers, but hardly any of them might have read what I tweeted. In spite of this I kept tweeting all these years. I have some 500+ tweets out there @saketkore. Given that not many I know, actually follow my tweets; someone might think it is stupid on my part to keep tweeting. Then why do I tweet?

This may sound crazy, but I tweet for me to read them in the future, and revisit these days of the past. I tweet because I don’t want these memories to fade away as days pass by. I tweet because I want to share my present life with the future me.
Even now, whenever I scroll down through my twitter, I am able recollect a few incidents which have been totally washed out of my memory. I am able to recollect these moments just because I had put a silly tweet about it. They do bring a smile on my face. There have been lots of things that have happened in my life I have totally forgotten about, but I am able to revisit them, thanks to the 140 characters I wrote about them. As days go by, we start getting more and more busy. Our mind gets occupied with a lot of stuff happening around us. We have so much to deal with in the present that we rarely care about revisiting the past. However in future, whenever I’ll get some free time, I’ll go through my tweets of all these years. It would be such an amazing feeling to recall these days! People write personal diaries about their daily experiences. I too write one. But it’s out there public, on my Twitter. I share my days, my views, my thoughts, my feelings, with the whole of world. And most importantly with myself! Twitter helps me do that; helps me preserve my memories. Helps me archive my experiences. So that they will never get, washed out! That’s why I like tweeting. That’s why I love twitter!

6 thoughts on “twitter-nama

  1. i have many sites on the internet that i often cannot keep track of all of them. I forget to go on some sites. but i seem to go on twitter, facebook, google, and blogging sites that most.

  2. v nice saket…awesome..
    n itz true…. twitter is really amazing n so is ur article :-):-)
    d article shoved me back to d hostel dayz when u introduced me 2 twitter n some celebrities der on twitter :-):-) All thanx 4 dat :-):-)

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