BE NICE! (Selectively)

Very often we come across such a situation where we have been nice to someone and later the same person ends up hurting us. Many-a-times we go wrong in reading a person and end up trusting him, which we would have to regret later when that person shows his true face. Its not our fault that we keep making such mistakes. Right from childhood we have been taught to be nice to everyone. We have been told to respect everyone. Respect their feelings. Respect their opinions. We are expected to be good to everyone. Never be rude or impolite. Never hurt anyone. However as we grow up, we realize, be-nice-to-everyone philosophy is in fact a trap. People can just take advantage of our niceness and get their things done. In today’s world, which is rightly called the Kalyug, being all nice is not at all going to help us. To live a life our way, among all these people who are constantly trying to pull us down, we have to be shrewd. We should be able to recognize the true nature of a person than just trusting him by the false image of his, he portrays to us. We should be able to judge people right and make a decision; Is this person trustworthy? Does this person deserves our affection, attention, care and consideration? Is this person worthy of being nice to? We need to learn to pick the right people to be part of our lives. Picking up the wrong ones is gonna end up hurting us. We sure are gonna pick a few wrong ones. However, we should learn from these mistakes of ours.

I too have learnt a lot from many of the mistakes I have done in my past. I have trusted the wrong people. I have been nice to the ones not deserving. I have been betrayed. People have broken my trust. They have been nice to me on my face and have been talking crap about me behind my back. They have been taking advantage of my introvert nature. However from all this I know, I can not trust each and everyone. Trust is expensive. Not worth wasting on people who don’t deserve it. We should be able to identify the ones worth trusting. We should be nice to only those who deserve it, not the ones who don’t value our trust. We should be good to only those who are capable of acknowledging it and reciprocating it. When we find such people, we’ll start living a life free of apprehensions, doubts, anxieties, worries, fears, concerns and uncertainties. We will start enjoying our life to the max. We just need to filter out the wrong people from our life and keep with us the good ones. With whom we can ‘be nice’ without any hesitance. So in today’s world, be nice.. but selectively!

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