The Pseudo-Spirituals

Throughout our life we come across all kinds of people. Some are good; some are great while some are total weirdos. But among all of them, the ones I consider the strangest, are the Pseudo-spirituals. Well, I agree a few people are really religious. And I respect the fact that they have so high regards for spirituality in their lives. I have seen lots of people who actually live their lives according to their spiritual beliefs. If someone has real faith in God, I respect that devotion, as long as they follow what’s been preached by Him. I have been around lots of people who are indeed very religious. Their spiritual faith and beliefs always leave me a lot impressed. I really like the way they follow their religious ethics, and I truly appreciate the fact that they have really high regards for their religious side. However, not all who claim to be spiritual are indeed true spirituals. A few of them who supposedly call themselves to be spirituals, are in fact ‘Pseudo-Spirituals’. For me, Spirituality is a very personal thing. It should be kept personal. When you try to show-off your spiritual beliefs on social platforms, Spirituality loses its very essence. Everyone has their own beliefs and faiths. And these beliefs should be strictly kept to their selves. This is one of a few strange things I find about a few people I come across. Why showcase your spirituality publicly, say on Facebook?

Okay fine, to an extent I may agree with the fact that they try to portray their religious side on these platforms. However, this makes sense only as long as they follow these very religious principles and ethics even in their actual life. However, for most of them, their social and moral behavior is nowhere in accordance with these so-called religious values and moralities they claim to follow. And I would not even bother to judge them on moral and ethical grounds; this is not something worth discussing. This in fact conflicts with the very spiritual sentiments that they follow so religiously. So, wouldn’t you call this to be a ‘Pseudo-Spiritual’ approach? If you claim to be really religious and spiritual and blah blah blah, and if the very religious doctrines disapprove of a lot of things that you actually do in your life, would you call such a person to be truly religious? And if such a person claims to be really spiritual, won’t you call such a person to be a fake?And these fellows are so proud of their spirituality, that at times they even put their nation second to their religion. I understand, a few people are really a lot religious, and like I said before I truly appreciate it. But I would certainly not appreciate if someone gives more importance to their religion than their nation. Nationality comes first. Patriotism for me is much more valuable than spirituality. We all should be Indians first, and then Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, etc.

And lastly, well India has a very rich heritage and people belonging to various communities and religious beliefs live here together in harmony. That’s our unity in diversity; and we all should be proud of this fact. However if you belong to a certain community, this does not mean that you totally ignore anything that is beyond your community. If the only thing you see is your community and if your IQ about the things beyond your community is zero, I would rather find this strange. You can’t restrict your knowledge, appreciation and socialization just within your community. You should get to know the people of other communities too and also socialize with them and appreciate their beliefs and opinions. If you ever get to spend some time with a person who only keeps on talking about his community, you would certainly end up agreeing with me.

The world is filled with all kinds of strange people. Pseudo-Spirituals are just one of them. And we all come across such people often, don’t we? They are all the part and parcel of this society and are certainly not going to change themselves. So at the end we got no other option but one thing, ‘Leave them alone’! This was just the first of my many-more-to-come posts dedicated to these very very special species around us– “The Strange People.”

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