Being Emotional vs Being Rational

Our brain and our heart are the most conflicting parts of our body. The heart tells, ‘You love her, go get her stupid!’.  The brain argues, ‘Don’t be an idiot, she’s not meant to be yours ‘. The brain warns you, ‘Don’t trust that fellow, he has cheated you before.’ The heart says, ‘So what he hasn’t been trustworthy in the past. I still consider him a very dear friend.’ And these conflicts always end up getting us in to a state of dilemma. Our brain tells us to be rational with our decisions. It expects us to be practical and reasonable with our life. On the other hand our heart is all emotional and sensitive. Our brain tells us to be sensible while our heart gets all sentimental. So who should we listen to? Should we live a rational life where there’s no place for emotions. Or should we live a life as our heart wishes, even if its least practical. If you are being all rational, minus any emotional considerations, you are living a life of a robot. That’s how robots work, don’t they? You would be left solving the problems of your life in a very mathematical way. 3+4=7. Just put it in the logic of your brain and get the solution. Being all practical, you would be transformed in to an emotionless machine. Would you wanna be a machine? On the other hand if you live your life thinking with your heart, it’s not gonna take you anywhere either. Beware! Though you find the suggestions of your heart a lot desirable, they can in fact be really stupid. Our heart knows very well how to fool us. It makes us all sensitive and emotional, and forces us take these stupid decisions, which we have to regret later. We get all sentimental and we just don’t understand, whatever our heart says is all senseless. Our heart lacks that sensibility and it just can’t be reasonable. And we are caught between these two, always. Confused!


The heart is spontaneous & gets tempted and the brain, is thoughtful & in control. What tempts the heart is frowned
upon by the brain. How should we find a mid way through all these confusions? We can’t rely on our instincts either; we might end messing up everything. There’s no good in being all emotional, and also nothing wise in being all rational.
When making any crucial decisions, its alright to get a bit sentimental, but never get carried away. Always consider, whether the decision you gonna make is practical or not? Because if you take a wrong decision, and end up getting badly hurt, your decision won’t be worth the pain. Learn to make reasonable decisions; rather than making senseless ones. Be sensitive, but in a very sensible way. Be emotional, but in a very rational way!

10 thoughts on “Being Emotional vs Being Rational

  1. yeah, it is best to make decisions using both one’s heart to guide you to your desired goal, but being rational and logical to control yourself from getting to emotional and ending up making a fool of yourself. so, the secret is to have a balanced way of deciding, combined with 50% emotional and 50% logical decision-making.

  2. I don’t agree with “We can’t rely on our instincts either”; instincts/gut feelings will always help if you listen carefully! As far as making decisions which won’t hurt us, that I feel can be mastered only with experience!!

    • True. In my experience instincts do get tricky at times. There are good instincts, and there’re not-so-good instincts too. It all comes down to carefully evaluating the good ones and avoiding the bad ones. And like you rightly said, it can be mastered only with experience.
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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