On a safer side

Opinion, everybody has one. An opinion about every damn thing around. An opinion about the food served in a restaurant, an opinion about a movie, about a cricket match, an opinion about the government’s policies, and even an opinion about the opinion of somebody else. It’s nothing wrong to give an opinion. And it’s good to have one. An unbiased, uninfluenced opinion.  A personal opinion shows the way we think. It’s not necessary that our opinion should be a unique one, nor it’s necessary it should be universal. Most important thing is, it’s our own, and we should stand by it. Agree? Few people wont. Rather they don’t believe in having an opinion of their own. They wont say it, but deep inside they know, the opinion they give out to the world is not really what they support. But they consider it more rational to give an opinion which they think would be a universally accepted one, rather that giving an opinion which would get them in to a minority. They are too afraid to stand by their opinion, when the rest are against it. So a mid-way, don’t give your actual opinion at all. Join the rest and support the majority opinion. They are just being practical. And due to this many a times, there’s no uniformity in two opinions of the same person. I have come across many people who give conflicting opinions all the time. I wonder, don’t they get the contradiction or do they just love to act stupid. Why be afraid to give a frank opinion? Everybody is entitled to have an opinion of his own. Then why care about what the rest of the world thinks about it. Remember, we don’t owe them an explanation. It’s our opinion and we stand by it. Others may or may not support, but it doesn’t make any difference. Have an opinion of your own. And you are always free to change it anytime, not under influence of anybody, but because ‘you’ wanna change it. Never chicken out from giving a frank opinion of yours. Never be afraid of standing by what you think. Never be scared of going against the rest if that’s what you really think. Have an opinion of your own, than just being on a safer side.

2 thoughts on “On a safer side

  1. Many a times the opinions of the same person are contradicting because opinions change over time. consider the iPhone5.
    As of now, my opinion is that iPhone5 isn’t very good. But, if I start using it, my opinion might change.
    So, change of opinion over time is not a bad thing. it’s a good thing because it is proof that one is being more practical.

  2. Yeaa, true indeed.. That’s why i said, “Have an opinion of your own. And you are always free to change it anytime, not under influence of anybody, but because ‘you’ wanna change it.”

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