The one that could have been

Recently I have been watching the Friends series, and in one of the episodes of season 6, the protagonists were discussing how their lives would have been if certain things wouldn’t have changed with them. Say, Rachel had married her cheating ex-finance Barry; if Chandler would have left his job, to be a comic-writer; if Joey hadn’t been fired from ‘Days of our Lives’; if Monica was still fat; Ross was still married to his lesbian ex-wife Carol and if Phoebe had taken up a job as a stock broker offered to her by one of her clients. Indeed, everyone comes across such events at least once in our lifetime, that change our lives completely. It changes the way things were meant to be. It changes the way we look at our lives. The changes might be good, might be bad as well. The changes may ease our lives or might end up messing it up for us too. The changes can not be undone, for most of us. We need to accept them as they are and need to learn to adjust with them. We need to get used to them. And as time goes the changes become a part of our lives. We get adapted to them. But, at times when we look back at those times, and wish what if that change had never occurred in our lives? How would our life have been? Would it have been the same? Would it have been better? or Would it have been worse? Whatever it would have been, it was never meant to happen. We were destined for what we have now. May be the change was all for the good. Or may be the change was the effect of some bad deeds of our own. A good change has ended us up with a better life. A bad change has ended us up with better lessons of life. So whatever the change was, we have ended up gaining something from it. So why waste time thinking upon how our lives would have been? At the end, we can not change the fact that our life is what it is as of now. We can not change it. Yet, we can not help stop thinking about the alternate possibility of our lives; The one that could have been..

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