No regrets.

I believe, life is a journey through time which is driven by the decisions we make. When we are kids, our parents take decisions for us. And having learnt from their own experiences, we are sure they’re gonna make the best decisions for us. They shape our early lives. We need not worry about where our life’s heading, ‘coz we know as long as our parents are taking the decisions, its gonna be alright. Then as we grow up and are about to enter the college, we have to start making a few decisions for ourselves. We need to think upon what we wanna do with our life, we need to make a few career choices. And these decisions are indeed critical ones. Once made they can not be undone. Though these are very crucial life decisions, we have our parents to help us out with it, hence we know we are not gonna mess up. But then, after we are done with college, we are done with a phase where we have just been training ourselves to face the world. Now, its time we actually start living a life where we are on our own. Its time, we start taking decisions that would probably make a big difference to our lives. We need to take a lot of crucial decisions. And its important we take the right ones, ‘coz we are the ones who are shaping our lives. We all want our lives to shape up the way we want it to be. We all have dreamed of a perfect life. Not all can realize that perfectness in actual, but at least we would want our lives to be remotely as perfect as it was in our dreams. And this depends solely on the decisions we gonna make. We can’t afford to make any wrong decisions. But are we gonna make the right decisions, always? We might end up making a few bad decisions too. But then we also need to think upon how to rectify those bad decisions? How to make them good? Because, at the end, these decisions are gonna make or break our life. Our life is gonna be driven by these decisions we gonna take. It would head to the direction we choose to take it. These decisions are gonna matter a lot. We would not even know if a decisions we are about to make is gonna be the right one or not. Just got to take care, later if we would look back at these decisions we made, we would have No regrets!

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