Friends, they are such an important part of anybody’s lives. May be you wont be the closest of friends. But, still it’s a great thing to have them around. College got over. I’m a graduate now. And, I always thought, it’s gonna be so great when I would be an Engineer, officially. But, it doesn’t feel any special. I’m missing my college. Life there was much more secure and relaxed. We did not have much responsibilities apart from completing our graduation, well in a good way. We didn’t have to care much about our lives. Yea, we were expected to get a job before getting passed out. And I did get one. Always thought, life after college was gonna be not so hard. Once I join my company, I would start earning. Life’s gonna be good. Well, not really. Now I feel life in the college was much more better. Not because life was easy there. But because, life was much more interesting there. It’s been almost two & a half months, college got over. I’m still waiting for a call from the company. Meanwhile preparing for GRE. It’s not that life’s gonna be hard. But would it be as interesting as it was?  Everybody has gone their ways. Some have joined their companies. Some are doing masters. Some are searching for jobs. In short, everybody has got busy with setting their lives right. Things have changed. In college we all were traveling a same path. Now we all are on different paths of our own lives. Everybody wants their lives to take shape the way they want it to be. And, they all want it to be perfect. I wish the same with my life. But, now that I have started planning it out, I am missing the good old days. In college, I used to be a very reserved guy. And I did like to spend some time alone. I did not have many close friends ’cause of my introvert nature. But I did have a few very dear friends. And we all together had lots of fun. Missing that fun. Even now, we do meet at times, but it’s not the same. And I don’t even know if they miss me, but I do miss them a lot. I did not make many close friends, but a few ones I did make, they are a lot dear to me. I never expressed this to them, but now that they have gone different ways, I realize they were such an important part of my life. Life was much more enjoyable with them. But, things always change. Change is the ugliest truth of life. We can’t help it. We just need to get used to it. May be I’ll make new friends who will fill this void. But, till then, life’s gonna be pathetic. It was the way it was only because of them, and without them, it’s nothing. To my F-R-I-E-N-D-S, Love you all.. And miss you all…!!

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