Life’s a bitch.

I wish life had a rewind button. So that we can travel back and correct a few mistakes. When I did that mistake I had absolutely no idea its gonna end up hurting me so much. The mistake of meeting someone and getting to know someone. And these mistakes are really wicked though. We don’t realize its taking us down with every passing day, until it’s too late. These mistakes appear to us to be the sweetest things that could have ever happened to us. We keep feeling hopeful, trying to neglect the fact that, it was a mistake. We keep on hoping, some day the mistake wont be mistake anymore, something will happen, which will change our life the way we want it, the way we dreamed it to be. Hope is a nature’s veil to hide nakedness of the truth. They say, be hopeful. They say, dream. And it feels so good to dream. Dream about the things we wish to happen in our life. It takes us far away from the reality, to a magical world where we are living the dream. Feels so good. Our heart keeps fooling itself, and keeps dreaming. And our brain keeps trying in vain to convince the heart, make it realize the ugly truth, it’s just a dream. Dreams; Hopes; Such a wonderful feeling, though it keeps taking us down. They keep hurting. So shouldn’t we dream at all? We should. But at a point we need to make a decision, is it worth pursuing this dream? Where is it taking me with it? It’s good to be hopeful, but it’s not worth just be left hoping till the end. Ya, it may happen to a few lucky ones, they were hopeful and they ended up getting what they dreamed of. But to others, they end up getting a big blow. And its life’s way of making us realize, stop dreaming, it’s never gonna happen. And then we understand, how much we have hurt ourselves chasing these stupid dreams. Though its late, but better late than never. We start wishing, life had a rewind button; so that we can travel back and stop our self from doing those mistakes in the first place. But, have we lost everything being hopeful about those dreams? We did learn a few lessons, and they are invaluable. Ya, these dreams did take us down, but what’s important that at the end we did stand up to the ugly face of truth. We did realize that life doesn’t always give us what we dream for. May be it has something  better in store for us. May be we’ll get these better things when time’s right. But till then, life may keep giving us such ugly blows. Such bad dreams. Such foolish hopes. We can’t help, at times, Life’s a bitch.

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